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• The .icu (‘I see you’ in Internet and texting slang) extension is memorable, slightly cryptic, and geographically independent.
• Wondering which domain extension is best for your creative needs? Whether you’re in the process of building a unique online presence or establishing your brand, .ICU could be the perfect fit for your needs: it’s short, it’s simple, and most importantly, it’s easy to remember.

This universal three-letter-extension gives users the flexibility and the freedom to choose the best name while showcasing creative thinking across all industries, languages, and regions. Branding is essential in the online world, and a unique yet modern domain extension can help you grow your reach

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Limitless options for your all Web Hosting needs from Shared (Linux, Windows) hosting, WordPress Hosting,  Cloud Hosting to VPS hosting, Dedicated Server hosting with many other features.

Plans available for Data Centre Locations: USA, India, UK, Hong Kong

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